Yuqing Cai

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Hasking Laboratories and Yale University


Tsinghua University, Bachelor’s degree, English Language, Graduated in 2020

Tsinghua University, Second Bachelor’s degree, Psychology, Graduated in 2020

Research Interests:

I am currently a research master student in the program of Developmental Neuroscience and Psychopathology at the University College London. Before that, I graduated from Tsinghua University, majored in English Language and Psychology. I am interested in developmental disorders and children’s language acquisition. I am working on fMRI-based functional connectivity to predict language and social ability of children with developmental disorders as my master’s thesis. Another project I am working on is to adopt an EEG technique called “frequency tagging” to development a new version of spoken word recognition task, and also to validate it with fNIRS, which would be suitable to be further applied to children and even infants.


Cai, Y., Dong, S., Yuan, S., & Hu, C-P. (2020). 变量间网络分析及其应用 [Network analysis and its applications in psychology]. 心理科学 [Advances in Psychology Science], 28(1), 178-190. http://journal.psych.ac.cn/xlkxjz/CN/10.3724/SP.J.1042.2020.00178