Our Mission. Haskins Laboratories is an independent, international, multidisciplinary community of researchers conducting basic research on spoken and written language. Exchanging ideas, fostering collaborations, and forging partnerships across the sciences, it produces groundbreaking research that enhances our understanding of—and reveals ways to improve or remediate—speech perception and production, reading and reading disabilities, and human communication.

Haskins Laboratories has long-standing, formal affiliations with the University of Connecticut and Yale University. We also have collaborations and partnerships, both formal and informal, with other institutions and groups around the world.

Featured: Haskins Global Literacy Hub

Haskins Global Literacy logoAn outgrowth of the Haskins Global Summit is the Haskins Global Literacy Hub, an international and interdisciplinary collaborative that brings together an unprecedented partnership of over 20 teams of expert researchers, practitioners, educators, and education technology specialists representing 5 continents, to solve one of the most critical issues preventing people from escaping poverty, leading healthy, productive lives, and achieving their full potential.

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News and Events

June 2, 2020
The Haskins Global Literacy Hub announces the launch of the reading Resource Library for parents and educators.  The library was created in response to the COVID-19 crisis,...
Photo of a young child playing with the GraphoLearn game
April 18, 2020
A new research project, funded by the National Science Foundation, will allow Haskins researchers to test the efficacy of remote learning tools in offsetting the loss of...
Photo of Richard Atkinson and young research study participant
January 20, 2020
Richard N. Aslin, Haskins Laboratories and Yale University, will receive the 2020 Atkinson Prize in Psychological and Cognitive Sciences. The prize, established by Richard C...
photo of Dr. Nicole Landi
November 6, 2019
On Oct. 24, the Literacy Coalition of Greater New Haven, in collaboration with the  New Haven Public Library, hosted a public forum on “Reading Instruction and Interventions...