Haskins Global Summit

Haskins Global Summit

Our Mission

Early development, health, and learning among at-risk children: A global perspective.

Haskins Laboratories, and its partner affiliated Universities; Yale University and the University of Connecticut, convened December 1-3, 2015 with leading international scientists, representatives from key governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, and health and education ministries in the developing world, to discuss ongoing activities and needs in the area of early childhood in disadvantaged populations.  

The Haskins Global Summit generated a series of articles by attendees in the journal New Directions for Child and Adolescent DevelopmentSpecial Issue: Global Approaches to Early Learning Research and Practice, issue edited by: Kenneth R. Pugh, Peggy McCardle and Annie Stutzman.

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We focused on children in rural and urban settings, those living in poverty and disadvantage, indigenous children, and those who must learn an additional language in order to obtain an education. Participants shared examples of programs being implemented around the world, addressing both successes and challenges, and the group will begin to establish new cross-national collaborations and develop plans for optimal approaches to coordinated, integrated efforts to improve the health, development, and learning of children from birth to age seven years. The meeting took a holistic approach to child health, development, and learning, with a shared focus on research, practice, and policy, in the hope of making progress on four fronts in the developing world: Professional development for early childhood specialists, training for researchers and clinical scientists, use of technology, and new research and funding opportunities.

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