High Density Electroencephalography

The Haskins dense array EEG lab uses a 128 channel EGI NetAmps 300 system and an Eyelink 1000 (SR Research) eyetracker to collect simultaneous EEG, eyetracking, behavioral and video data of participants ranging from infants to adults. The system is capable of collecting simultaneous EMG, EKG, respiratory and other physiological data. The EEG room was designed for data collection with children and to minimize electrical noise in recorded signals through electrical isolation and specialized lighting. Stimulus presentation can be done using E-Prime (PST), Presentation, (Neurobehavioral Systems), Experiment Builder (SR Research) or PsychoPy. Free field auditory stimuli are presented from an overhead speaker and speech production can be recorded using a microphone connected to the stimulus presentation PC. 

Analytic Tools

 Most data collection (electrophysiological, eye tracking, behavioral) utilizes proprietary software designed by equipment manufacturers [Netstation (EGI), Experiment Builder (SR Research), E-Prime (PST), Presentation (PST)] that Haskins maintains multiple licenses for use on laboratory collection and analysis suites. Alternatively, all data can be exported to text, MATLAB, EDF and other formats that can be analyzed in R, MATLAB toolboxes and other software packages commonly used by researchers. Data collected in the lab is stored and archived on secure high capacity network storage for download to analysis stations or analysis on the server using select packages.