Imitation of Expressive Microstructure

Examples of musical materials used in a recent experiment by Bruno Repp.

The Gestural Computational Model
An introduction to articulatory phonology and the Haskins computational model of speech production, in the form of an on-line research paper.

Child Language Studies
Research in language development in infancy and childhood.

Abramson/Lisker VOT stimuli

Haskins History

Posters and Presentations

Decades of Discovery

TADA: Task Dynamic model of inter-articulator speech coordination

Articulatory Synthesis
A demonstration of a form of speech synthesis that produces sound by changing the shape of the vocal tract.

Talking Heads
This project provides an overview of some of the exciting international work in auditory-visual speech and related areas.

From Brain Scan to Lesson Plan
(APA Monitor on Psychology)

The Science and Practice of Reading
Report on a workshop organized by the Haskins Laboratories Reading Research Group