Sensorimotor Physiology

  • Speech production is a long-standing research interest at Haskins, ranging over studies of physiology, patterns of articulation, disordered speech, sign language, phonetic convergence, general motor control, and language acquisition among many others.  Physiological studies of speech and limb motion are conducted in one of two fully equipped lab spaces that include sterilization and subject preparation facilities. The Physiology lab houses multiple systems for speech movement tracking including two electromagnetic articulometry devices (Carstens AG501, NDI WAVE) for tracking speech articulator motion in real time, two ultrasound systems for tongue imaging and assorted devices for aerodynamic sensing and auditory feedback manipulation. The site is equipped also with a wide variety of instrumentation for studies of motor control and behavioral neuroscience including robotic manipulators (In Motion2, Sensable Technologies Phantom), motion measurement (Optotrak), electromyographic (EMG systems; Delsys, Grass) and Magstim 200 single pulse transcranial magnetic stimulator.