Giving Priorities

Alumni, parents, friends, corporations, and foundations can choose many ways to support Haskins Laboratories. Here are some of our  priorities.

Financial Aid

  • Scholarships to undergraduate students (high school?) for summer research experiences
  • Fellowships for graduate and postgraduate scholars

Faculty and research support

  • Innovation fund to encourage new and ground-breaking pilot projects
  • Establish a Research Chair in Human Communication Neuroscience
  • Establish a rotating Fellowship in Human Communication Neuroscience

Teaching, training and community programs

  • Summer programs on research methods and practical experience focused on speech, language and reading and their disorders
  • LEARN Center activities on language development
  • Haskins Training institute for community and educational activities

Global initiative on early identification and remediation of cognitive and literacy risk

For more information please contact our Joseph P. Cardone Vice President of Finance and Administration at