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Decades of Discovery

Haskins Laboratories: A brief account of the organization and its research, Dec. 1, 1952 (PDF)

Haskins Laboratories, 1953 (PDF)

The Adventure Movie (1954)

In 1954 Haskins Laboratories was featured in an episode of the CBS Television documentary show “Adventure” hosted by Charles Collingwood. The episode consisted of two segments, the first about research at Haskins and the second about Bali. The video on this page is a short version of what has become known as the “Adventure” film, showing only the Haskins segment of the episode.

The “Adventure” film features Frank Cooper, Alvin Liberman and Pierre Delattre demonstrating the use of the Haskins Pattern Playback.

Please note that the quality of this video is not good because of multiple transfers over the years from film to videotape and then to digital form.


Haskins Laboratories: Research on Human Communication, Marine Ecology, and The Biochemistry of Protozoa
   Science, 158, No. 3805, pp. 1213-1215, 1 Dec. 1967. 
   (Published in conjunction with the AAAS Annual Meeting,
   26-31 December 1967, New York City). (PDF)

An Investigation of Audio Outputs for a Reading Machine, by P.W. Nye, February 1965,
The hard copy, along with the recording, is available in the Haskins History Museum.

Haskins Laboratories Status Report on Speech Research, 1965-1995

Lines for the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Founding of Haskins

Laboratories, by Ignatius G. Mattingly, 1985

A Bio-Bibliography of Caryl Parker Haskins compiled and edited by Alice B. Dadourian, 2000 (PDF) 

An Oral History of Haskins Laboratories (recorded 1988-1991) 

The Science of the Spoken and Written Word, 2005

Douglas Honorof talks about dialects on New York Public Radio, January 2007

Michael T. Turvey on the history of Haskins Laboratories

Donald Shankweiler and Carol A. Fowler (2015). Seeking a Reading Machine for the Blind and Discovering the Speech Code. History of Psychology, Vol. 18, No. 1, 78–99

Dedication of the Haskins Preserve and Aspetuck Land Trust Haskins Lecture Series created to honor Westport scientists Caryl and Edna Haskins who donated their estate on Green Acre Lane to Aspetuck Land Trust and dedicated their lives to improving peoples lives through science. The video is narrated by Alice Dadourian, Dr. Haskins’ Personal Secretary. August 2013.

Len Katz’ perspective on the personnel and history of reading research at Haskins

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