Yang Lee, Ph.D.

Yang Lee's picture
Senior Scientist
Gyeongsang National University of Korea, Jinju-si Gyeongsangnam-do, 660-701, South Korea


Senior Scientist, Haskins Laboratories and Gyeongsang National University


Ph.D. from Seoul National University

Professional Experience

Professor at Dept. of Psychology of Gyeongsang National University
Psychology of Language

Research Interests

My researches try to challenge the problems of ‘mind and language’. Language is realized through action as pronunciation and writing, which are instruments for perception and production of language. So the processes of pronunciation and writing might be viewed as psychological one. My experiments have used Korean letters as stimuli for a long time. I am also interested in the psychological processes of martial art, not only because I am a senior of martial art. The practice may be a good example of ‘perception through action’. In martial art event, action may leads perception because ‘only a man of skill is good at picking up things’.

Major Publications

Lee, Y. (2001). The problems of mind. Seoul: Kyoyookkwohaksa (89-8287-488-7).

ee, Y., Moreno, A. M., Park, H., Carello, C., & Turvey, M. T. (2006). Phonological assimilation & visual word recognition. Journal of Psycholinguistist Research, 35, 6, 513-530.

Lee, Y., Park, H., Koh, J., Shin, K., Lee, N., & Shaw, R. (2007). The problems of Kih in Psychology. Journal of Korean Psychologist Association: General, 26, 2, 63-82.

Lee, Y., & Lee, C. (2009). Non-selective access of phonology by Korean-Chinese bilinguals. Psychologia, 52, 4, 198-208.

Lee, Yang, Moreno, M. A., Carello, C. & Turvey, M. T. (2012). Do Phonological Constraints on the Spoken Word Affect Visual Lexical Decision? Journal of Psycholinguistist Research, 41.