Vincent Gracco, Ph.D., Vice President of Scientific Operations, Senior Scientist

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Vice President of Scientific Operations, Senior Scientist
300 George Street, Suite 900, New Haven, CT 06511-6624
203 865-6163 x 313
Fax number: 
203 865-8963


Senior Scientist, Haskins Laboratories
Professor, McGill University


PhD Communicative Disorders, University of Wisconsin-Madison
BA & MA Speech Pathology, San Diego State University

Research interests

My research focuses on the neuroscience of human communication using multiple neuroimaging modalities and physiological techniques. Current research areas focus on the development and mechanisms of sensorimotor control for spoken language, sensorimotor dysfunctions associated with stuttering and other speech motor disorders, neuroplasticity and sensorimotor learning, bilingualism and the relationship between language and music.

Representative Publications

Mollaei F, Shiller DM, Baum SR, Gracco VL (2016). Sensorimotor control of vocal pitch and formant trajectories in Parkinson¹s disease. Brain Research, 1646, 269-277.
Berken JA, Gracco VL, Klein D (2016). Early bilingualism, language attainment, and brain development. Neuropsychologia.
van den Bundt M, Francisco AA, Groen MA, Ito T, Gracco VL, Pugh KR, Verhoeven L (2017). Increased response to altered auditory feedback in dyslexia: A weaker sensorimotor magnet implied in the phonological deficit. J Speech Lang Hear Res. 60(3), 654-667. 
van de Vorst R, Gracco VL (2017). Atypical non-verbal sensorimotor synchronization in adults who stutter may be modulated by auditory feedback. J Fluency Dis. 53, 14-25.
Deroche M, Nguyen D, Gracco VL (2017).  Modulation of speech motor learning with transcranial direct current stimulation of the inferior parietal lobe. Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience. 11, 35 DOI: 10.3389/fnint.2017.00035. 
Bourguignon N, Ohashi H, Nguyen D, Gracco VL (2017). The neural dynamics of competition resolution for language production in the prefrontal cortex. Human Brain Mapping, DOI: 10.1002/hbm.23927