Suzanne Boyce, Ph.D.

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University of Cincinnati

Professor, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
University of Cincinnati
3202 Eden Avenue
P.O. Box 670379
Cincinnati, OH 45267-0379

Research Scientist
Haskins Laboratories

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Dr. Boyce is a speech language pathologist and linguist with postdoctoral training in speech technology.Her interests involve the interaction of sound pattern systems in language (phonology) with articulation and acoustics of speech and voice.

Some areas of specialty include the production and perception of late-emerging sounds such as /r/, /l/, and /s/, and acoustical measures of speech intelligibility.She teaches courses in the areas of speech and hearing science, the conduct of research, and grantwriting.She is the research director of a clinic at UC pioneering the use of ultrasound as biofeedback for speech articulation therapy.

The general thrust of her clinical and translational research interests is to translate basic research knowledge about how people speak and hear into software tools that enable clinicians to use that knowledge in intervention.

Speech Research Lab

This lab would be more accurately termed the “Production of Language through Speech” lab, because the acoustics and articulation of speech cannot be divorced from the language function they embody.Research activities are focused on the following areas.

Acoustic and Articulatory Phonetics of Intelligibility
Acoustic and Articulatory Tracking of Therapy Results
Characterizing Speech Production for Late-Emerging Sounds
Modeling of Vocal Tract Acoustics
Articulatory Imaging Modalities
Comparing Acoustic and Articulatory Phonetics Across Languages
A major mission of the lab is to mentor undergraduate and graduate students in the conduct of research that will improve our knowledge of language and speech and make this knowledge useful for clinicians.

Representative Publications

Boyce, S. E., Hamilton, S. M., & Rivera-Campos, A. (2016). Acquiring rhoticity across languages: An ultrasound study of differentiating tongue movements. Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics, 30 (3-5), 174-201. doi:10.3109/02699206.2015.1127999

Boyce, Suzanne E (2015). The Articulatory Phonetics of /r/ for Residual Speech Errors. Seminars in Speech and Language, 36 (4), 257-70. doi:10.1055/s-0035-1562909

Goldhor, R., Boyce, S., Chenausky, K., Gilbert, K., Hamilton, S., & Cin, J. (2014). Speech enhancement via only mostly blind source seperation. Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics, Acoustical Society of America, 18 , 05504. doi:

Boyce, S., Krause, J., Hamilton, S., Smiljanic, R., Bradlow, A.R., River-Campus, A., & MacAuslan, J. (2013). Using landmark detection to measure clear speech. Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics, Acoustical Society of America, 19, 060129. doi:

Boyce, S., Speights, M., Ishikawa, K., MacAuslan, J. (2013). SpeechMark Acoustic Landmark Tool: Application to Voice Pathology. Proceedings of Interspeech, Lyons, FR..
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