Susan Nittrouer, Ph.D.

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Professor, Speech Development Lab, UF
University of Florida



Professor and Chair

Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

University of Florida

1225 Center Drive, Room 2147

PO Box 100174

Gainesville, FL 32610




My work focuses on how children learn language, with an emphasis on the acquisition of sensitivity to phonological structure. I am also interested in the factors that underlie any disruption in children’s abilities to learn language, especially hearing loss and dyslexia. A primary hypothesis being examined is that suprathreshold and complex auditory functions may be responsible for some of these disruptions.  CV



Representative Publications:

Nittrouer, S. & Lowenstein, J.H. (2013). Perceptual organization of speech signals by children with and without dyslexia. Research in Developmental Disabilies, 34, 2304-2325.

Nittrouer, S., Sansom, E., Low, K. Rice, C., & Caldwell-Tarr, A. (2014). Language structures used by kindergartners with cochlear implants: Relationship to phonological awareness, lexical knowledge and hearing loss. Ear and Hearing 35, 506-518.

Nittrouer, S., Lowenstein, J. H., & Holloman, C. (2016). Early predictors of phonological and morphosyntactic skills in second graders with cochlear implants.Research in Developmental Disabilies, 55, 143-160.

Nittrouer, S., Caldwell-Tarr, A., Low, K. E., & Lowenstein, J. H. (2017). Verbal working memory in children with cochlear implants.Journal of Speech Language and Hearing Research, 60, 3342-3364.

Nittrouer, S., Krieg, L. M., & Lowenstein, J. H. (in press). Speech Recognition in Noise by Children with and without Dyslexia: How is it Related to Reading? Research in Developmental Disabilities.