Stephen Anderson

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Dorothy R. Diebold Professor Emeritus of Linguistics
+1 (203) 432-9205




Yale University Department of Linguistics


Doctor of Philosophy, Linguistics and Philosophy, Massachussetts Institute of Technology, 1969


Research Interests:

My research interests have included all of the major areas of linguistics: phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, historical linguistics and the history of the field, as well as a number of languages (Kwakw’ala, Georgian, Rumantsch, among others) and the relation between human language and animal communication. At Haskins, I have been particularly interested in the work on basic mechanisms of speech articulation and their relation to perception.

Selected Publications:

Anderson, Stephen R., and Louis de Saussure [eds]. (2018). René de Saussure and the Theory of Word Formation.  (Classics in Linguistics 6). Berlin: Language Science Press.

Anderson, Stephen R. (2012). Languages: A Very Short Introduction. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Anderson, Stephen R. (2005). Aspects of the Theory of Clitics. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Anderson, Stephn R. (2004). Doctor Dolittle’s Delusion: Animals and the Uniqueness of Human Language. New Haven: Yale University Press. 

Anderson, Stephen R. (1992). A-Morphous Morphology. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Anderson, Stephen R. (1985). Phonology in the Twentieth Century: Theories of Rules and Theories of Representations. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.