Sara Sanchez-Alonso, Ph.D.

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Postdoctoral Research Fellow
203 865-6163




Postdoctoral Associate at Haskins Laboratories
Haskins Baby Lab


PhD Yale University, 2018
MA Yale University, 2014

Research Interests:

My overarching research focus is on human language. Language is a core human capacity that is acquired effortlessly after birth and drives long-lasting changes in brain structure and function. Yet, despite its crucial role in human experience, there is a lack of understanding of language neurobiology. Specifically, I investigate the intrinsic functional architecture supporting human language, how it develops, and how the brain supports unique computations allowing the formation of complex language processes. Furthermore, I am interested in understanding how these brain patterns differ in people who speak more than one language and the changes associated with multilingualism across developmental stages. Finally, my work translates basic insights from neurolinguistics to define neuromarkers associated with abnormal language development and processing.

Selected Publications:

Sanchez-Alonso, S, Aslin, R.N. (test). Towards Predictive Modeling of Neurodevelopmental State and Trait Variation. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, Special Issue in Cutting-Edge Approaches to Developmental Neuroscience.


Sanchez-Alonso, S., Rosenberg, M.D., Aslin R.N. (Revise and Resubmit). Functional Connectivity Patterns Predict Naturalistic Viewing versus Rest Across Development. NeuroImage, Special Issue in Naturalistic Imaging.


Sanchez-Alonso, S., Deo, A., Pinango, M. (2016). Copular Distinction and Constrained Variability in Copular Use in Iberian and Mexican Spanish. U. Penn Working Papers in Linguistics, Vol. 23.1.

Sanchez-Alonso, S. (2015). Changes in the Distributional Patterns of the Spanish Copulas. In Kaeshammer, M. & Schulz, P. (eds.). Proceedings of ESSLLI 2015. Barcelona.
Sanchez-Alonso, S., Ly, A., Braze, D., Lacadie, C.M., Constable, T., Pinango, M.M. (2014). The Neural Basis of Argument Structure Composition Through Eye-Tracking, Focal-Brain Lesion and fMRI. In Bello, P., Guarini, M. S., McShane, M. & Scassellati, B. (eds.). Proceedings of the 36th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society. Austin, TX: Cognitive Science Society.
Martinez-Ferreiro, S., Bachrach, A., Sanchez-Alonso, S., Picallo, C. (2013). Violating Canonicity in Spanish Agrammatism. In Moreno-Torres Sanchez, I.,& Moruno Lopez, E., Madrid Canovas, S. (eds.). Advances in Clinical Linguistics: Proceedings of the III International Conference in Clinical Linguistics. Malaga:University of Malaga.
Sanchez-Alonso, S., Martinez-Ferreiro, S., Bastiaanse, R. (2011). Clitics in Spanish Agrammatic Aphasia: A Study of the Production of Unaccusative, Reflexive and Object Clitics. In Hendrickx, I., Lalitha Devi, S., Branco. & Mitkov, R. (eds.). Anaphora Processing and Applications.Heidelberg: Springer.