Rachel Nelson, B.A., M.A.

Rachel Nelson's picture
Lab Manager LLAMB Lab
Haskins Laboratories


Bachelor of Arts – French, Spanish

San Francisco State University, 2015

Master of Arts – Psychology (Biological/Experimental)

American University (Washington, DC), 2021

Research Interests:

How does the brain perceive speech from sound waves, and convert that speech into meaningful language? How is phonemic, syllabic, and word-level information extracted through the simultaneous processing of auditory input at multiple temporal scales? How do these abilities develop, and what happens when some part of these processes goes awry? Rachel is interested in exploring the answers to these questions and in understanding the relationship between visual and auditory processing of speech and language. She hopes to learn more about these topics using both behavioral and neuroimaging techniques, particularly eye-tracking, EEG, and MEG.


Grant Support

·      Development of Attention in Preschool Children, NSF 2122781