Qing Cai, Ph.D.

Qing Cai's picture
Professor of psychology, East China Normal University


Academic Positions:

Senior Scientist, Haskins Laboratories;

Professor of Psychology, School of Psychology and Cognitive Science, East China Normal University, China;

Scientist, Institute of Brain and Cognitive Science, New York University Shanghai.


Ph.D. in Cognitive Sciences, University of Lyon (Université Lumière Lyon2), France;
2009, Language and Cognition

Research interests

My lab aims to investigate the neural basis of speech and reading, their acquisition and atypicalities, as well as their relation to learning, memory, music, and other higher-order cognitive functions. Neuroimaging, electrophysiological, and/or behavioral approaches are used depending on the questions investigated. Our recent work also aims to build the bridge between human speech production and AI natural language processing, and to improve brain based learning.

Representative Publications

Van der Haegen, L., Acke, F., Vingerhoets, G., Dhooge, I., De Leenheer, E., Cai, Q.*, Brysbaert, M. (2016) Laterality and unilateral deafness: Patients with congenital right ear deafness do not develop atypical language dominance. Neuropsychologia 93(Pt B): 482-492.

Leroy, F., Cai, Q., Bogart, S., …, Dehaene-Lambertz, G. (2015) A new human-specific brain landmark: The depth asymmetry of superior temporal sulcus. Proc Natl Acad Sci 112(4): 1208-1213.

Cai, Q.*, Van der Haegen , L., and Brysbaert, M. (2013). Complementary hemispheric specialization for language production and visuospatial attention. Proc Natl Acad Sci 110(4): E322-330.

Cai, Q.*, and Brysbaert, M. *(2010). *SUBTLEX-CH: Chinese word and character frequencies based on film subtitles. PLoS One 5(6): e10729.

Cai, Q.*, Lavidor, M., Brysbaert, M., Paulignan, Y., and Nazir, T. A. (2008). Cerebral lateralization of frontal lobe language processes and lateralization of the posterior visual word processing system. J Cogn Neurosci 20: 672-681.