Nandini C. Singh, Ph.D.

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Scientist-V / Additional Professor
National Brain Research Centre, NBRC

Nandini C. SinghScientist-V / Additional Professor,  National Brain Research Centre 
Research Scientist, Haskins :Laboratories

Understanding the Multilingual Brain

Research in my laboratory is directed at establishing functional cortical circuits for speech and reading in multilingual populations. In India, we live in an environment where individuals use multiple languages unconsciously. Yet little is known about how learning to speak and read in multiple languages is learnt and what determines loss of speech and reading abilities following neurological damage or developmental delay.

We use structural and functional neuroimaging to study individuals who vary in their cognitive abilities, demographics and neurological condition. Our current studies compare neuronal circuits in typical individuals and those with dyslexia and autism. Our behavioural tasks are designed to tap into various aspects of reading, speech perception,speech production and language control in multilingual populations.