Laurie Feldman, Ph.D.

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Distinguished Professor Psychology, University of Albany
University of Albany

Senior Scientist
Haskins Laboratories

Professor, Psychology Department
SUNY, The University at Albany


Ph.D., University of Connecticut (Language and Psychology), 1980

M.A., University of Connecticut, 1978 

B.A., Wellesley College (Major: Psychology and French), 1973

Teaching Experience

1996-present. Professor. SUNY, The University at Albany

Representative Publications

Milin, P., Feldman, L. B., Ramscar, M., Hendrix, P., and Baayen, R.H. (2017). Discrimination in primed and unprimed lexical decision making. PLoS One. 2017 Feb 24;12(2)

Cho, K. W., & Feldman, L. B. (2016). When Repeating Aloud Enhances Episodic Memory for Spoken Words: Interactions Between Production- and Perception-derived Variability. Journal of Cognitive Psychology. 10.1080/20445911.2016.1182173

Feldman L.B., Milin P., Cho K.W., Moscoso del Prado Martín F. and O’Connor. P.A. (2015). Must analysis of meaning follow analysis of form? A time course analysis. Front. Hum. Neurosci. 9:111. 11 March 2015 | doi: 10.3389/fnhum.2015.00111.

Cho, K. W., & Feldman, L. B. (2014). “Production and Accent Affect Memory”. Journal of the Mental Lexicon. 8:3, 295-319.

Durdević, D.F., Milin, Petar, and Feldman, L.B. (2013). Bi-alphabetism: A window on phonological processing. Psihologija, vol. 46 (4), p.421-438.

Feldman, L. B., Kostić, A. Gvozdenović, V., O’Connor, P. A. and Moscoso del Prado Martín, F. (2012). Semantic similarity influences early morphological priming in Serbian: A challenge to form-then-meaning accounts of word recognition. Psychological Bulletin and Review 19: 668–676.

Feldman, L. B. & Moscoso del Prado Martin, F. (2012). Does a focus on universals represent a new trend in word recognition? Behavioral and Brain Science. 35(5). DOI: 10.1017/S0140525X12000295.

Feldman, L. B., and O’Connor, P. A. and Martín, F. M. del P. (2009). Early Morphological Processing is Morpho-semantic and not simply Morpho-orthographic: An exception to form-then-meaning accounts of word recognition. Psychological Bulletin and Review.

Pastizzo, M. J. and Feldman, L. B. (2009). Boats prime float but coats don’t: Priming from nonmorphological form and meaning similarity invites a computational account of morphological processing. The Mental Lexicon, 4(1), 1-25.