Karen Froud, Ph.D.

Karen Froud's picture
Associate Professor of Neuroscience and Education
Teachers College, Columbia University



Associate Professor of Speech & Language Pathology
Director, Neurocognition of Language Lab Academic
Director, ISE-Cambodia Department of Biobehavioral Sciences


Teachers College
Columbia University

525 West 120th St.
New York, NY 10027 

Research Interests

Neural underpinnings of language representation and processing, especially in pathological situations: developmental and acquired speech and language disorders; language and cognitive processing in schizophrenia. Neural correlates of second language acquisition in adults. Contributions of cognitive neuroscience to determining efficacy and mechanisms of change in speech-language pathology and educational interventions. 

Representative Publications

Froud, K. & Khamis-Dakwar, R. (2012). MisMatch Negativity Responses in children with a diagnosis of Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS). American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology. 2012;21:302.

Khamis-Dakwar, R., Froud, K. & Gordon, P. (in press). Syntactic and Morphological Development in Arabic Diglossia. Journal of Child Language.

Khamis-Dakwar, R. & Froud, K. (in press). Aphasia, language and culture: Arabs in the U.S. To appear in Multilingual Matters: Multilingual Aphasia.

Froud, K., Titone, D., Marantz, A. & Levy, D.L. (2010). Brain/behavior asymmetry in schizophrenia: a preliminary MEG study of cross-modal semantic priming in schizophrenia. Journal of Neurolinguistics, 23, 3, 223-239.

Galgano, J. & Froud, K. (2008). Evidence of the Voice-Related Cortical Potential: an electroencephalographic study. NeuroImage, 41, 1313-1323. (Also Corrigendum. NeuroImage 42, published online July 2008.)

Froud, K. & van der Lely, H.K.J. (2008). The count-mass distinction in typically developing and grammatically specifically language impaired children: new evidence on the role of syntax and semantics. Journal of Communication Disorders, 41, 274-303.