Jim Magnuson, Ph.D.

Jim Magnuson's picture
Senior Scientist, Haskins Laboratories, Director of CCNLL, UCONN
University of Connecticut



Department of Psychology
University of Connecticut
406 Babbidge Road, Unit 1020
Storrs, CT  06269-1020

I am the PI of the CCNLL, PI of an NSF-funded IGERT training program (Language Plasticity: Genes, Brain, Cognition, Computation), co-director of the Cognitive Science Shared Electrophysiology Resource Lab (CSSERL, pronounced /s^rl/), is a Professor in the UConn Department of Psychology in the Language & Cognition PhD program within the Perception-Action-Cognition division, and is a Senior Research Scientist at Haskins Labs.


2001 Ph.D.  University of Rochester, Brain and Cognitive Sciences
2000 M.A.   University of Rochester, Brain and Cognitive Sciences
1993 B.A.    University of Chicago, Linguistics

Research Interests

Psycholinguistics (word recognition, sentence processing, speech perception), neurobiological and genetic bases of typical and atypical language development and function, vision (visuo-spatial working memory, eye movements and object recognition), learning, representation (integration of internal
representations with environmental context), probability matching, computational modeling.

Teaching Interests

Psycholinguistics, cognitive science, sensation and perception, judgment and decision making, connectionist modeling, simulation and modeling, laboratory methods, neurobiology of language, behavior genetics of language

Representative Publications

Magnuson, J. S. (in press). Phoneme restoration and empirical coverage of interactive activation and adaptive resonance models of human speech processing. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America.
Kornilov, S.A., Magnuson, J. S., Rakhlin, N., Landi, N., & Grigorenko, E. L. (in press). Lexical processing deficits in children with Developmental Language Disorder: an event-related potentials study. Development and Psychopathology.

Collisson, B. A., Grela, B., Spaulding, T., Rueckl, J. G., & Magnuson, J. S. (in press). Individual differences in the shape bias in preschool children with Specific Language Impairment and typical language development: Theoretical and clinical implications. Developmental Science. 

Viswanathan, N., Magnuson, J. S., & Fowler, C. (in press). Information for coarticulation: Static signal properties or formant dynamics? Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception & Performance.
Kornilov, S. A., Landi, N., Rakhlin, N., Fang, S-Y., Grigorenko, E. L., & Magnuson, J. S. (2014). Attentional but not pre-attentive neural measures of auditory discrimination are atypical in children with Developmental Language Disorder. Developmental Neuropsychology, 39(7), 543-567.