Jessica R. Sullivan

Jessica R. Sullivan's picture
Assistant Professor,Communication Science and Professional Counseling Department
University of West Georgia


Assistant Professor, University of West Georgia Affiliated Research Scientist at Haskins Laboratories



Ph.D. Communication Sciences, University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson TX
M.S. Deaf Education/Studies, Lamar University, Beaumont TX
B.A. Communication Disorders, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge LA


Research Interests:

The long-term goal the Pediatric Aural Habilitation lab is to develop a line of translational research that will significantly improve the everyday lives of children with hearing impairment. Our innovative approach of use basic neuroscience principles with psychoacoustic theories to design clinical intervention method for children with hearing impairment is just the first step. Currently, we are investigating the cognitive processes involved in speech understanding in noise and how children with and without hearing impairment use them.

Selected Publications:

Sullivan, J.R., Assmann, P.F., & Hossain, S., Schafer, E.C., (2017) Effects of voice gender and perceptual learning on the perception of masked speech processed through cochlear implant simulations, Journal of Acoustical Society of America.

Schafer, E.C., Anderson, C., Sullivan J., Wolfe, J., Duke, M., Osman, H., Wright, S., Dyson, J., Bryant, D.,  & Pitts, K., (2016) Children’s auditory recognition with digital stimuli, Journal of Educational Audiology. 22.


Osman, H. & Sullivan, J.R. (2015). Increased processing demand in noise: An analysis of error patterns in children's backward digit recall span. Noise and Health 17, 191-197.


Sullivan JR, Carrano C., & Osman H (2015) Working Memory and Speech Recognition Performance in Noise: Implications for Classroom Accommodations. Commun Disord Deaf Stud Hearing Aids 3: 136. doi:10.4172/2375-4427.1000136


Sullivan, J.R., Osman, H., & Schafer, E. (2015). The effect of noise on the relationship between auditory working memory and comprehension in school-aged children. Journal of Speech Language and hearing Research. Vol. 58:1043-1051. doi:10.1044/2015_JSLHR-H-14-0204.