Jelena Krivokapić, Ph.D.

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Associate Professor Linguistics, University of Michigan
University of Michigan


Ph.D., 2007 Department of Linguistics, University of Southern California

M.A., 2003 Department of Linguistics, University of Southern California

M.A., 1998 Department of English Studies, Georg August University Göttingen, Germany

Research interests

My work focuses on prosodic structure. The long term goal of my research program is to develop a biologically-situated model that captures the structural, temporal and tonal aspects of prosodic structure and explains its cognitive function. To this end, I examine the production (using acoustic and articulatory data) and perception of prosodic structure, the planning of prosodic structure, prosodic convergence, and the expression of prosodic structure in body gestures.

Representative publications

J. Krivokapić, M. Tiede, & M. Tyrone. (2015). A kinematic analysis of prosodic structure in speech and manual gestures. Proceedings of ICPhS 2015. (paper number 658).

J. Krivokapić. (2014).  Gestural coordination at prosodic boundaries and its role for prosodic structure and speech planning processes. Communicative rhythms in brain and behaviour. Theme Issue of the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B (Biology), 369, 20130397.

J. Krivokapić. (2013). Rhythm and convergence between Speakers of American and Indian English. Laboratory Phonology, 4, 39–65.

J. Krivokapić, & D. Byrd. (2012). Prosodic boundary strength: An articulatory and perceptual study. Journal of Phonetics, 40, 430-442.

J. Krivokapić. (2007). Prosodic planning: Effects of phrasal length and complexity on pause duration. Journal of Phonetics, 35, 162-179.


Investigator on: Links Between Production and Perception in Speech, award number R01 DC 2717–14A1, funding institution: National Institute of Health: National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders. Principal Investigator: Doug H. Whalen. August 2012