Hosung Nam, Ph.D.

Hosung Nam's picture
Professor, University of Korea and Affiliated Scientist, Haskins Laboratories
University of Korea

Korea University

Dept. of English Language and Literature
145 Anam-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, Korea

Senior Scientist, Haskins Laboratories

Research Interests

Dr. Nam proposed a model of how syllable structure that promises to reveal how people put segments together in speech, something that has the potential of revealing a great deal about disorders of speech organization like stuttering and apraxia. Dr. Nam is also well known to his peers as one of the major developers of Haskins Laboratories speech production model (aka TADA model), which is the first full computational model of the speech capacity, one of the most fundamental but least understood human capacities. TADA model has been increasingly employed and cited in the field of speech pathology, speech engineering, sign language studies, second language acquisition, let alone linguistic theories such as phonology and phonetics. Dr. Nam used the model to unlock the mechanics of babbling, essential to understanding why some children learn speech properly, and some do not. His model is further being implemented in a new type of speech recognizer that promises to revolutionize how computers recognize speech.

Representative Publications

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