Grace Kim-Lambert

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City University New York


The Graduate Center, CUNY
The PhD Program in Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences (Level II doctoral student)
Speech Production, Acoustics and Perception Laboratory (SPAPL). Advisor: Professor Douglas H. Whalen


  PhD candidate in Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences, CUNY, Graduate Center
BA Engish, Hunter College, CUNY. 2006.


Research Interests:

Grace Kim-Lambert is currently a 2nd level doctoral student in the Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences program. Her research interests include speech perception and production, and the link between the two. Her research goal is to further an understanding of the intersection between vision and hearing in cross-modal speech perception, specifically, to examine speech production and perception abilities among people who are visually impaired, focusing on the perception of place of articulation in American English consonants.