Eun Cho

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Postdoctoral Researcher, Haskins Laboratories


DMA Music Education, University of Southern California, 2018

MA & EdM Music and Music Education, Teachers College, Columbia University, 2010

BA Cello Performance, Keimyung University (South Korea),  2007

Research Overview

I’m interested in interdisciplinary research that encompasses music, education, psychology, and culture. My research centers on the psychological aspects of everyday musical experiences in diverse populations, including young children, teenagers, immigrants, and older adults. My recent work includes a cross-cultural experimental study on music-evoked nostalgia and an Experience Sampling Method study on music listening and mood regulation in young children.

Grant Support

NIH (DP5-OD024566), “Psychological functions of music in infancy”, S. Mehr, PI


Recent Publications

Cho, E., & Ilari, B. (2021). Mothers as home DJs: Recorded music and young children’s well-being during the Covid-19 pandemic. Frontiers in Psychology, 12, 637569. 
Ilari, B., Cho, E., Li, J., & Bautista, A. (2021). Perceptions of parenting, parent-child interactions and extracurricular activities in times of Covid-19. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 31(2), 409-420.
Cho, E., & Han, J. Y. (2021). Small music ensemble and empathy: A replication study in a South Korean music student sample. Psychology of Music, 50(4), 1121-1135.
Cho, E. (2021). The relationship between small music ensemble experience and empathy skill: A survey study, Psychology of Music, 49(3), 600-614.
Cho, E. (2019). Sensitive periods for music training from a cognitive neuroscience perspective: A review of literature with implications for teaching practice. International Journal of Music in Early Childhood, 14(1), 17-33.  

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