Bruno Repp, Ph.D.

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Research interests

Until about 1991: perception of speech sounds, acoustic properties of speech.

1985-2000: expressive music performance, perception of timing in music

2000-present: sensorimotor synchronization, rhythm perception and production, relationships between perception and action

Occasional interests: multistable perception (the tritone paradox), agency

For a concise summary of my research from 1985 to 2010, see Repp (2010) under “Powerpoint slides” below.

Professional career

1969: Dr. Phil. (psychology), University of Vienna
1973: Ph.D. (psychology), University of Chicago
1974-1976: Postdoctoral trainee, UConn Health Center, Farmington
1976-1991: Research scientist (speech perception), Haskins Laboratories
1991-2011: Research scientist (music perception and action), Haskins Laboratories 
2005-2007: Research associate, Rutgers University, Newark
2011-present: Research affiliate, Haskins Laboratories