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Philip Rubin
February 16, 2017
Philip Rubin, CEO emeritus and a former Senior Scientist at Haskins Laboratories, is currently Senior Advisor to the President of Haskins.  The Connecticut Academy of Science...
February 14, 2017
Save The Date June 24, 2017, 3:00pm to 6:00pm. To be held prior to the Acoustical Society of America meeting in Boston, MA. **Details to follow**
Michael Studdert-Kennedy
January 12, 2017
In Memoriam 1927-2017—Michael Studdert-Kennedy (MSK). Haskins Laboratories President Emeritus passed away on January 9. Michael was born in Worcester, England obtaining a B.A...
Language by the Shrinking Numbers
December 15, 2016
A new report from American Academy of Arts and Sciences makes a data-based case for building U.S. capacity for foreign languages. By Colleen Flaherty  |  December 15, 2016...
November 28, 2016
RESEARCH FEATURES NOVEMBER 22, 2016 Dr Julie A Van Dyke, a senior research scientist in the field of psycholinguistics at Haskins Laboratories, Connecticut, USA, is helping...
Ecological Psychology Publishes Special Edition Honoring Dr. Carol A. Fowler
November 3, 2016
From the Abstract:  This article includes both an introduction to the special issue and discussion of our connections with Carol Fowler. We briefly review the motivation for...
Hoeft at TEDxSausalito
September 20, 2016
Associate Professor of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and UCSF BrainLENS director Fumiko Hoeft, MD, PhD, will be featured as a speaker at the upcoming TEDxSausalito...