Staff Talks

Haskins Staff talks take place at 12:30 PM on Thursdays in the Main Conference Room (#110) at Haskins Laboratories (300 George St., Suite 900, New Haven, CT). See the full schedule and other details below.

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Fall 2019

November 14, 2019  

Cathi Best, MARCS Institute, Western Sydney University, Australia

“Natural phonetic variation and early word recognition: Toddlers’ recognition of familiar words across unfamiliar regional accents”

November 21, 2019  

Maria M. Arredondo, Ph.D.,  Postdoctoral Research Fellow, National Science Foundation, Haskins Labroatories and University of British Columbia  

“Infants’ Emerging Specialization in Linguistic and Non-linguistic Attentional Processes”

December 5, 2019  

Richard Aslin, Senior Scientist, Haskins Laboratories 

 ”A novice’s guide to the ins and outs of research grants”

December 12, 2019  

Dima Amso, Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Brown University, Providence, RI

“Synergistic attention and learning processes in infancy”

January 9, 2020  


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January 16, 2020  


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January 23, 2020  

Aude Noiray, University of Potsdam,  Laboratory for Oral Language Acquisition 

“Title: TBA”

January 30, 2020  


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