Phase 1 Access Status: Haskins Laboratores

As a reminder, during Phase 1, we strongly encourage working from home unless there is specific work that can only be done on campus. In person human subjects research is not permitted in this initial phase. Moreover, essential work that requires access to the Lab should be done with permission of the PI and management.

While at the Lab, a log of your physical activities will need to be maintained in order to support contact tracing should the need arise (an electronic sign-up will be available shortly). The kitchen area will be formally closed with seating no longer made available, however, the fridge will still be accessible. When onsite, a facemask has to be worn at all times and we encourage everyone to wash their hands frequently. (Masks, gloves, wipes and cleaning supplies have been ordered and are expected to be delivered by the end of this week.) Wipes / sprays will be made available at the copiers and bathrooms and should be used after every use. The cleaning service will continue with their nightly cleaning and now will be cleaning the bathrooms mid-day, as well. We would just like to stress that it is our individual responsibility to “clean up” after ourselves both during our time in the Lab and before we depart for the day.

Finally, in anticipation of Phase 2 all employees are required to follow Yale’s guidelines and view the video at  Once Phase 2 is initiated we will revise and advise accordingly.

Thank you and remain safe,

Haskins Management Team