Ignatius Mattingly

Nov. 22, 1927 - Mar. 5, 2004

Speech, Reading and the Linguistic Process:
A conference in honor of Ignatius G. Mattingly

1947, B.A., Yale University, English (Honors)
1959, M.A., Harvard University, Linguistics
1968, Ph.D., Yale University, English


1972-1996, Professor of Linguistics, University of Connecticut
1968-72, Associate Professor of Linguistics, University of Connecticut
1967-68, Lecturer in Linguistics, University of Connecticut
1966-67, Lecturer in English, University of Connecticut
1966-2004, Research Staff Member, Haskins Laboratories
1963-64, Guest Researcher, Joint Speech Research Unit, Eastcote, U. K.
1951-66, Analyst, National Security Agency
1950-51, Instructor in English, Yale University
1947-48, Instructor in English, Groton School


Member, Technical Committee on Speech Communication, Acoustical Society of America, 1966-72
Fulbright Research Fellowship, University of Cambridge, England, 1970-1971
Fellow, King’s College, Cambridge, England, 1970-1971
Fellow, Acoustical Society of America, 1983-
Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Phonetics, 1995-

Research Interests

Speech synthesis; speech perception; the reading process


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