Sladjana Lukic, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Adelphi University

Thursday, June 2, 2022 - 12:30pm

Language breakdowns in neurological disorders as a window into cognition

ABSTRACT: Compared to other animals, humans have developed a uniquely broad and highly efficient language system. Neuroanatomy of language system is a major focus in cognitive neuroscience with important implications for language research as well as language disorders. Lesion-symptom mapping is an exciting method that provides a topological mapping of language performances, such as examples from stroke or dementia. In this talk, I will focus on studies investigating the language breakdowns in patients with acquired and progressive aphasias. By using lesion-symptom mapping method, I have identified selective brain regions with remarkably specific functions, including lexical-semantics, grammatical morphology, and word order syntax. I will also present studies on how brain regions interact with other cognitive systems in the context of both, development and degeneration. This body of evidence will be instrumental in redefining our understanding of the neurobiology of the language system.

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