Innovative interactive learning iPad game for children with ASD and speech sound disorders

Join us in a study that aims to determine whether children with autism spectrum disorders and with speech sound disorders perceive and process audiovisual speech differently than their typically developing peers. We are seeking children ages 7-10 to participate in this study.

  • Participants will watch movies of speaking faces and complete standard cognitive, language and social tasks.
  • Testing can be completed in one to two visits
  • Day, evening or weekend appointments are available
  • Parent will receive a research report on child’s language performance
  • All testing is noninvasive and includes eye-tracking and EEG
  • Children earn $10/hour for participation
  • Participants are reimbursed for parking and travel expenses

Videos of speaking human and computer-animated faces paired with a non-invasive method to track eye movements will be used to determine how affected children use a speaker’s face as part of their perceptual processing of speech. Some participants will be eligible for a 6-week iPad language learning study. This study has important practical implications for the design of targeted interventions for verbal and non-verbal children with ASD and speech sound disorders.

For further contact or study information, please visit our website or email us. In addition, we can be reached directly by phone at 203-865-6163, x245.  To sign up for a study, please fill out the  Study Participant  form