Caryl P. Haskins

August 12, 1908 to October 8, 2001

Scientist, Author
Founder and Director, Haskins Laboratories

b. Schenectady, Aug. 12, 1908
m. Edna Ferrell, July 12, 1940.

Ph.D., Yale University, 1930
Ph.D., Harvard University, 1935

Tufts College, 1951; Union College, 1955; Northeastern U., 1955; Yale U., 1958; Hamilton College, 1950; George Washington U., 1963, LL.D; Carnegie Inst. Tech., 1930; U. Cin., 1960; Boston College, 196O; Washington and Jefferson College, 1961; U. Delaware, 1965; Pace U., 1974.

Staff mere. rsch. lab. Gen. Electric Co., Schenectady, 1931-35
Research associate, MIT, 1935-45
President and Research Director, Haskins Labs. Inc., 1935-55
Director, Haskins Labs. Inc., 1935–
Chairman of the Board, Haskins Labs. Inc., 1969-87
Director, El. du Pont de Nemours. 1971-81
Research Professor, Union College, 1937-55
President, Carnegie Instn. of Washington, 1956-71
Trustee, Carnegie Instn. of Washington, 1949-2001

Asst. liaison officer OSRD, 1941-42, sr. liaison officer, 1942-43 exec. asst. to chmn. NDRC, 1943-44, dep. exec. officer. 1944-45; sco. adv. bd. Policy Council, Research and Devel. Bd. of Army and Navy, 1947-48: cons. Research and Develop. Bd., 1947-51, to sec. def., 1950-60. to sec. state. 1950-60: mem. Pres.’s Sci. Adv. Com., 1955-58. cons., 1959-70: mem. Pres.’s Nat. Adv. Commn. on Libraries 1966-67, Joint U.S.Japan Com. on Sci. Coop., 1961-67. Internat. Conf. Insect Physiology and Ecology, 1971-73; panel advisers Bur. East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Dept. State, 1966-68: mern Sec. Navy Adv. Com. on Naval History. 1971-83, Vice chmn., 1975-83. Author: Of Ants and Men, 1939. The Amazon, 1943. Of Societies and Men. 1950. The Scientific Revolution and World Politics. 1964: contbr. to anthologies and tech. papers.: Editor: The Search for Understanding 1967: Chmn. bd. editors: Am. Scientist, 1971-83: chmn. publs. com., 1971-83. Trustee Carnegie Corp. N.Y., 1955-80, hon. trustee. 1980–, chmn. bd., 1975-80; trustee Rand Corp., 1955-65, 66-75, adv- trustee 1988–; fellow Yale Corp., 1962-77: regent Smithsonian Instn., 1956-80, regent emeritus. 1980–, mere. exec. corn., 1958-80 bd. dirs. Council Fgn. Relations. 1961-75, Population Council, 1955-80: bd. dirs. Ednl. Testing Service 1958-61, 67-71. chmn. bd., 1969-71: trustee Center for Advanced Study in Behavioral Scis., 1960-75, Thomas Jefferson Metal. Found-, 1972-78, Council on Library Resources, 1965–, Pacific Sci. Center Found., 1962-72, Asia Found., 1960–. Marlboro Coll., 1962-77, Wildlife Preservation Trust Internat., Inc., 1976-, Nat. Humanities Center, 1977–: trustee Woods Hole Oceanographic Instn., 1964-73, mem. council, 1973–: bd. dirs. Franklin Book Programs, 1953-58: mere. Save-The-Redwoods League, 1943–. mem. council, 1955–: mem. vis. coms. Harvard, Johns Hopkins: bd. visitors Tulane U. Yale Corp. fellow, 1962-77: recipient Presdl. Cert. Merit U.S., 1948. King’s medal for Service in Cause of Freedom Gt. Britain, 1948, Joseph Henry medal Smithsonian Inst., Centennial medal Havard U., 1991. Fellow AAAS (bd. dirs. 1971-75), Am. Phys. Soc., Am. Acad. Arts and Scis.. Royal Entomol. Soc.. Entomol. Soc. Am., Pierpont Morgan Library; mere. NAS. Washington Acad. Scis., Nat. Geog. Soc. (trustee 1964-84, , honorary trustee, 1984– fin. com. 1972-85, com. on rsch. and exploration 1972–, exec. com- 1972-84). Royal Soc. Arts (Benjamin Franklin fellow). Faraday Soc., Met. Mus. Art, Am. Mus. Natural History (trustee 1973-89, bd. mgmt. 1973-89). Am. Philos. Sac. (councillor 1976-78 81-83), Brit. Assn. Advancement Sci., Linnean Soc. London, Internat. Inst. Strategic Studies, Asia Soc., Japan Soc. Biophys. Soc., N.Y. Zool. Soc., N.Y. Acad. Scis., Audubon Soc., N.Y. Bot. Garden, P.E.N., Pilgrims, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi (nat. pres. 1966-68. dir. 1966-83), Delta Sigma Rho. Omicron Delta Kappa. Episcopalian. Clubs: Somerset (Boston), St. Botolph (Boston); Century (N.Y.C.), Yale (N.Y.C.): Mohawk (Schenectady); Metro polltan, Cosmos (Centennial award 1978, bd. ragrot. 1973-76; Lawn (New Haven).