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Staff Talks

Haskins Staff talks take place at 12:30 PM on Thursdays in the Main Conference Room (#110) at Haskins Laboratories (300 George St., Suite 900, New Haven, CT). See the full schedule and other details below.

Fall 2017

November 30

John Locke, Professor of Linguistics, Lehman College, City University of New York,

“Towards a unified model of human communication: The contribution of cryptic cues” (Host: Ken Pugh)

December 7

Andrea Calabrese, Professor of Linguistics and Director of Graduate Studies, University of Connecticut,

“ATR and Tense features in Romance: acoustic-articulatory evidence from Tricase Metaphony” (Host: Doug Whalen)

December 14 Elizabeth Casserly, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Trinity College (Host, Doug Whalen)
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January 18 OPEN
January 25 OPEN