Postdoctoral fellowship in neuroimaging (MRI and DTI)

Haskins Laboratories has an opening for a postdoctoral research fellow on a project investigating the neurobiological basis (brain structure, genetics) of specific reading disability (SRD). The successful applicant will be primarily responsible for conducting and interpreting analyses of neuroimaging data (structural and diffusion imaging data). This position is part of a large, multi-site project (Haskins Laboratories, University of Houston, Baylor College of Medicine) that is aggregating and analyzing neuroimaging and genotyping data from multiple locations to explore complex gene-brain-behavior relationships.

Required qualificationss:

  • PhD or equivalent in cognitive and systems neurosciences, computer science, psychology or a field closely related to the neurobiology of language
  • Experience designing and conducting neuroimaging studies 
  •  Experience with one or more of the following analysis packages: AFNI, FSL, SPM, or an equivalent neuroimaging software package
  • Programming skills, including knowledge of at least one programming language and Unix commands
  • Proficiency with writing academic manuscripts, particularly those related to neuroimaging
  • Demonstrable interest in the neurobiology of language processing and reading development
  • Leadership, communication, and organizational skills

Preferred qualifications:

  • Experience with advanced neuroimaging analysis techniques, e.g., independent components analysis, functional and context-dependent connectivity, VBM
  • Experience with database design and maintenance
  • Experience with DTI processing and analysis software, such as TBSS, TORTOISE, or TRACULA
  • Advanced knowledge and expertise in data analyses (e.g. multivariate statistics, genetic analyses, Bayesian methods, machine learning)

This postdoctoral scholar will work with an interdisciplinary and highly collaborative team of PIs and affiliated scientists from the LandiLab (PI: Nicole Landi, University of Connecticut, Haskins Laboratories, Yale Child Study Center) and the GENESIS lab (PI: Elena Grigorenko) at the University of Houston & Baylor College of Medicine, Houston TX. This postdoc will also wirk with other closly collaborating labs including the Learning Engineering and Neural Systems (PI: Fumiko Hoeft, MD PhD) and Haskins Imaging Lab position is based at Haskins Laboratories, in New Haven, CT but will coordinate with research partners at multiple locations (Houston, UConn). 

Interested candidates should send 1) a CV; 2) the names of three references; and, 3) a cover letter to Dr. Nicole Landi at or

This position will remain open until filled; desired start date is on or before January 2019. Salary will be commensurate with NIH postdoctoral funding levels.  

Haskins Laboratories is an equal opportunity employer and invites applications from individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences. 

Applicants for this position must be able to work legally in the US.