Sazzad Nasir

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Affiliated Research Scientist, Haskins Laboratories


Ph.D. in theoretical particle physics from University of Cambridge, UK, 1998.

Research Interests:

The goal of my research is to understand the biological mechanisms underlying sensorimotor integration in the context of human speech and non-speech motor tasks. I am in general interested in the interplay of sensory and motor functions and the plasticity between them. My interdisciplinary trainings in theoretical physics and behavioral neuroscience have allowed me to use a wide variety of techniques from mathematical models, psychophysical and physiological procedures to assess plasticity in motor speech. Recently, my research has focused on the complex interaction among multiple speech goals and on the link between speech motor learning and perceptual functions in speech and have developed novel tools that specifically probe into the sensorimotor supports of speech motor learning and could potentially be applied to non-speech motor tasks. Most recently, we have applied neural synchrony to obtain a finer understanding of normal and disordered speech motor functions.

Representative Publications:

R. Sengupta, S. Shah, K. Gore, T. Loucks and S. M. Nasir, Anomaly in neural phase coherence Accompanies reduced sensorimotor integration in adults who stutter, Neuropsychologia 93 (2016) 242.

R. Sengupta and S. M. Nasir SM. The predictive roles of neural oscillations in speech motor adaptability. J Neurophysiol 115(2016) 2519.

R. Sengupta and S. M. Nasir. Redistribution of neural phase coherence reflects establishment of feedforward map in speech motor adaptation, Journal of Neurophysiology 113 (2015) 2471.

S. M. Nasir and D. J. Ostry. Auditory plasticity and speech motor learning, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (2009) 20470. PMCID: PMC2771744.

S. M. Nasir and D. J. Ostry. Speech motor learning in profoundly deaf adults, Nature Neuroscience 11 (2008) 1217. PMCID: PMC2601702.