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About Me

I am a 6th-year graduate student at the Department of Linguistics at Yale University. I am also affiliated with Haskins Laboratories.

My main research interests are phonetics, articulatory phonology, experimental phonology, multi-sensory integration, phonetic convergence, and the interfaces of phonetics with phonology and syntax.

These days I am involved in three main projects: first, I am investigating multisensory integration in speech perception, especially with regards to the somatosensory system (specifically, I investigate the question how does aero-tactile information affect speech perception and the phonological representation of voicing). Second, in collaboration with Gregg Castellucci, I am studying the prosody-syntax interface. Specifically, we are working on perception and recursion in syntactic disambiguation. Third, I am involved in several research projects that are being conducted at Haskins Laboratories. Among other things, we study the kinematic properties of phonetic convergence and the relations between production and perception of speech.

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2019 (exp.): Ph.D. in Linguistics, Yale University: New Haven, CT.
Dissertation: The phonological representation of voicing: Evidence from Multimodal Integration.
Chair: Jason Shaw.

2015: M.A. in Linguistics, Yale University: New Haven, CT.

2010: BA in linguistics and philosophy, Summa cum Laude, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv,


Goldenberg, Dolly, Mark K. Tiede, Ryan T. Bennett and D. H. Whalen. (Submitted) Multimodal Integration in Speech Perception: The Effect of Aero-Tactile Information on
Perception of VOT Continua.

Krivokapic, Jelena, Mark Tiede, Martha E. Tyrone, and Dolly Goldenberg. (2016). Speech and manual gesture coordination in a pointing task. Proceedings of Speech Prosody. Boston, MA: Boston University.

Goldenberg, Dolly, Mark K. Tiede, and D. H. Whalen. (2015). Aero-Tactile Influence on Speech Perception of Voicing Continua. Proceedings of the 18th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS), eds. The Scottish Consortium for ICPhS 2015. Glasgow, UK: the University of Glasgow. (pdf)

Mark Tiede, Christine Mooshammer, Dolly Goldenberg, and Douglas N. Honorof. (2014). Adaptation of trajectory shapes during conversation. Proceedings of the 10th International Seminar on Speech Production (ISSP), eds. Susanne Fuchs, Martine Grice, Anne Hermes, Leonardo Lancia, and Doris Mücke. pp 421-424. (pdf)